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Latest News

Chirp 1.3 Released!
The latest version of Chirp GPS tracking app is out and better than ever! Here are some of the new features:
- Car Locator Feature (with directions to car)
- Share your location on Facebook and twitter
- Improved accuracy
- Improved layout on ipads
- Misc improvements and fixes
Plus there is loads more!

Chirp is a powerful yet incredibly easy to use GPS tracking app that lets you find and track people anywhere - including inside buildings (shopping malls, outlet stores, etc).

Track family, children, boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, friends, co-workers, fleet trucks, and just about anyone, using the GPS in your phone and our new proprietary technology.

Just released - Useful Facts app for iPhone and iPad
Here it here
-Swipe browse through hundreds of useful facts you should know!
-Save facts in favorites
-Search feature
-Share facts with friends over Facebook, ams, email, and twitter
-HD easy to read text for phones and tablets

Did you know that Chapstick can be used as a fire starter?
Or that shaking a can of mixed nuts will make the larger ones rise to the top?
You might not know that natural pearls melt in vinegar.
Or that you need to walk seven hours straight to burn off a large coke, fries, and large cheeseburger.

These and other truisms are found in Useful Facts, a collection of helpful factoids.
Monogram Maker app launch
Create wicked awesome Monogram wallpaper and images using Monogram Maker for iPhone! Custom fonts, detailed HD graphics and much more.
LunarAds is live! If you are a developer lost in the world of app monetization check out our brand new app network for cross promotion and app monetization.

LunarAds lets you cross promote your apps, switch ad networks on the fly, use Google analytics in a snap, track impressions of your app, and much more. All using just one SDK!

We have a Corona ad network SDK, a native Android SDK, and iOS SDK that installs easily.

Blabber Box for iPhone now in the app store
Just released for the apple app store, "Blabber Box" core character edition. You get a Redneck, a Zombie, a Politician, and more! Have fun everyone! Make a talking Obama, or a talking Cowboy, choose any character and go wild - you make the magic!
The Love Scanner for Android
Our latest app has been released on the Android platform Check it out here! And of course, it's FREE for all android users - put your heart to the test and scan your finger to see how you rate!
Blabber Box for Android
Just released for the Android market, "Blabber Box" core character edition. You get a Redneck, a Zombie, a Politician, and more! Have fun everyone!
Blabber Box Christmas Edition
Blabber Box - Christmas Edition now in the apple app store! View a short intro video here We have 10 free promo codes to give away, just contact us at and tell us how anxious you are to get the app :)
Naughty or Nice makes The Top Ten
Our Naughty or Nice for iPhone and iPad has made the top 10 Christmas iPad apps list on
Naughty or Nice Scan for iphone, touch, and ipad
Naughty or Nice app scanner (recently updated) just hit Top 25 category! It's #29 in paid ipad and iphone apps! And #4 in the Entertainment category!

What's New in Version 1.2

√ Christmas countdown timer
√ Talking Santa Claus
√ Watch it snow
√ More advanced results
√ Santa now gives lumps of coal!
√ Facebook sharing
√ Misc bug fixes
Turkey Plucker game released
Our latest release is here! Turkey Plucker game for iphone and Android. See how fast you can pluck off the feathers from the Turkey and share your time with friends.
Mr. Moody hits top 100 in the Apple app store!
Mr. Moody just hit top 100 in the Apple app store (#69 actually) Free Entertainment category Thanks everyone for support! More updates coming real soon!
A HUGE update to Book of Illusions is now in the app store
HUGE update to Book of Illusions app now available in the app store, click here to download!
What's new?
-All new interface
-Facebook sharing
-New illusions
Milk it -
Grab your free copy of Milk it!
The hilarious new milking game that lets you realistically milk a cow or a goat (more animals on the way!)
Making Money with Android eBook is here!
"Making Money with Android" is now available for purchase!

Our new guide to helping Android developers earn money by creating and distributing their own Android apps. It's based on Moonbeam Development's proven methods, with over 80 published Android apps and over 7 million downloads in the Android market. You can earn real money with Android, and we'll teach you how.
Purchase the book by clicking the image to your left, or the arrow to the lower right of this posting.
Moonbeam in Forbes Magazine Online Blog
Even in a world filled with hyperbole, explosive is as apt a term as any to describe the growth of the mobile app market. More than 10 billion apps have been downloaded to date. Sure, when you put that number up against the national debt, it doesn't look like much. But from where I stand, it's a lot of apps. Can you imagine if all the developers making these apps were actually building thriving businesses off them?
Our partnership with Pontiflex
Pontiflex ad network featured us as a developer success story in their blog.
Moonbeam in the News
We were recently interviewed by the Community Free Press - a local paper in Springfield.

Our Most Popular Apps

Useless Facts for Android
Useless Facts for Android
An endless list of useless facts for you to enjoy.  
Easy Filter Pro for Android
Easy Filter Call and SMS Blocker
Block unwanted phone calls and text messages for good.  
Easy Locator Pro
Track and locate Android phones using the best GPS tracking app available.  
Mr. Moody Mood Scanner
Mr. Moody for iphone and Android
Say it with Mr. Moody. He can be happy, ticked off, or anything!  
Book of Illusions app
Book of Illusion for iphone and Android
Optical Illusions on your mobile! Now you can share with friends too.  

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