Chirp GPS Tracking 2.7 Released

Chirp GPS Tracking version 2.7 is here! Check out the new features inside our popular phone GPS tracking app

- Global boundaries, create boundaries for everyone at the same time in groups!

- New messaging center for chatting, and alert history

- New on / off button and other slight interface changes

- You can now send "wake up" alerts to people that have turned Chirp off

- Bug fixes

- Even better life

Just released - Useful Facts app for iPhone and iPad

-Swipe browse through hundreds of useful facts you should know!
-Save facts in favorites
-Search feature
-Share facts with friends over Facebook, ams, email, and twitter
-HD easy to read text for phones and tablets

Did you know that Chapstick can be used as a fire starter?
Or that shaking a can of mixed nuts will make the larger ones rise to the top?
You might not know that natural pearls melt in vinegar.
Or that you need to walk seven hours straight to burn off a large coke, fries, and large cheeseburger.

These and other truisms are found in Useful Facts, a collection of helpful factoids.


LunarAds is live! If you are a developer lost in the world of app monetization check out our brand new app network for cross promotion and app monetization.

LunarAds lets you cross promote your apps, switch ad networks on the fly, use Google analytics in a snap, track impressions of your app, and much more. All using just one SDK!

We have a Corona ad network SDK, a native Android SDK, and iOS SDK that installs easily.

Milk it -

Grab your free copy of Milk it!
The hilarious new milking game that lets you realistically milk a cow or a goat (more animals on the way!)

Moonbeam in Forbes Magazine Online Blog

Even in a world filled with hyperbole, explosive is as apt a term as any to describe the growth of the mobile app market. More than 10 billion apps have been downloaded to date. Sure, when you put that number up against the national debt, it doesn't look like much. But from where I stand, it's a lot of apps. Can you imagine if all the developers making these apps were actually building thriving businesses off them?